60 yearf of pure passion , research , technologic  and productive innovations  developed in the clear direction of a deep ‘yarn culture’. This is the story of Filatura di Pollone born in 1953 and since the beginning has built a strong position either in domestic as well export market before with carded spinning process and then in the open end one using cotton spinning machines readapted for sinthetic and artificial fibres.

Our key points :
100% Made in Italy

In the 90’s with the new technology ‘Carded Ultrafine’ , developped internally and totally in the company itself , FDP has taken position to top level of thin yarns in precious fibres. This revolution has clearly marked his stoty as from that moment and till today our yarns are well recognized for his own caractheristics of softness and lightness that are unique for this product.
Our activity is covering now diff areas from knitwear to weaving and after different studies and developments we have developed a new handknitting area , where customer recognizes our peculiarity.