Filatura di Pollone in the continuos research of sustanaibility, for the second consecutive season, has undertaken the way of proposing a total ecologic finishing process.

This treatment is done with washing and brushing balls that gives the possibility through production of bicarbonate of sodium, thanks to rotation of balls themselves, to wash all garments in a soft way without adding any soap, silicon or chemical additives. All this gives big advangates from many points of view: water saving (washing temperature is max 30 degree and reuse of water), energ y (less time used), no silicon and consequently in the full respect of environment.

This treatment may be used for any kind of yarns. The ratio is always one washing ball per litre of water and one brushing ball each 3 litres of water.

The most important passage is to check the duration of the washing process (normally is between 5 and 10 minutes, more only in case of yarns with less value or extremely hard), we recommend to add acid citric (200 grms each 100 litres of water) for a slippery touch.
Important is to be careful to final centrigue that has not to overpass 400 tours for extremely fine garments (18 and 21 gg ) and 600 tours for all other items.

For any further info we are pleased to supply a technical sheet for this process, if you want to continue proceeding with normal washing you will find all instructions on col card as usual.